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Understanding the Federal Reserve and the 2020 Initiatives
Few institutions in our economy are as little understood as our Federal Reserve, yet no institution has the impact on our economy that the “Fed” has. For example, did you know that:
The Federal Reserve is not an agency of the US Government
It is a corporation with stockholders
By law, Fed stock pays its owners an attractive 6% dividend
There is not just one Fed, but 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks. The Fed’s economic impact is no more significant than it is today. With the toll the coronavirus is taking on the economy, our Fed has rolled out programs from the 2008 credit crisis response and recently introduced a variety of economic initiatives never before seen or used.

Portfolio Management Series
Portfolio managers may attempt to beat or match an index or specific liability structure. However, the process of choosing a strategy and investing within said strategy is crucial to meeting the goals of the asset manager, institutional, or individual investor. Choosing an optimal asset mix, as well as determining which is best suited given a specific risk tolerance is fundamental to the task. The portfolio manager must consider many risk factors, including market risk, credit risk, and liquidity risk.