Meet Bill Addiss

Bill Addiss introduction video screenshot

An introduction to Bill Addiss, CEO of Amherst Financial Training

Amherst Financial Training

Established in 1999 by Bill Addiss, Amherst Financial Training (AFT) has provided capital markets and financial training to institutions worldwide. Deutshe Bank, FINRA, NASD, Reuters, Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA), Barclays Global Investors, and Lehman Bros, have all taken advantage of AFT’s expertise in capital markets training for their employees.

Keeping in alignment with the constant development of new products, and tools in the marketplace is a challenge. I.T.professionals, Customer support staff,  credit analysts and traditional “middle and back office” personnel  all need to understand the products and marketplace in which they operate. AFT has  successfully developed programs targeted to these professionals.






Focusing on Fixed Income Investments, Capital Markets, Derivatives, Portfolio Management, Alternative Investments, Options Trading and Equities, Amherst Financial Training has successfully trained tens of thousands. These trainees disperse to their respective segments of the financial industry: Wall Street, Assets Management and various Financial Intermediaries. As a whole, AFT has had an impact on the spread of information making its’ way through the financial industry.