May 2018 Monthly Update from Amherst Financial Training


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NEW VIDEOS ONLINE: Featuring William Addiss discussing market fluctuations, interest rates and special coverage of bonds.

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Interest Rates, why they are rising and what to do: Part 1
For 2018 the question is how high will rates go, not are they rising. After 10 years of dormant and low interest rates, it is a fact interest rates are rising. In this first section we address the supply/demand considerations which will lead to higher rates this year. All this, at the same time the FOMC has also telegraphed specifically they are looking for further hikes to the Federal Funds rate.

Link: View Part One online

Rising Rates: Part 2
After years of lackluster and low rates, interest rates are now of the rise. After reviewing the “why” in Part 1, we than address how the Income oriented investor can benefit or manage this change. Use of floating rate bonds, reducing duration, increasing interest rate risk are all demystified in this video.

Link: View Part Two online

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