AFT Joins 21st Century

FLASH: Bill Addiss/Amherst Financial Training (AFT) Has Joined The 21st Century! Amherst Financial Training/Bill Addiss (AFT) is now multi-media. This year has seen tremendous growth in AFT as a training firm. Built on traditional “chalk and talk” training programs, theĀ  business has now gone multi-media. With the publication of a great series of books by […]

Virtual Platforms a New Horizon for Amherst Financial Training

Virtual Instructor-Led Seminars Global Financial Markets Institute’s VILT solution combines the best of classroom training (engaging interactivity, real-time guidance from SMEs, Q&A, breakout sessions, and whiteboards), with the convenience of a virtual learning platform. Understanding the Federal Reserve and the 2020 Initiatives Understanding the Federal Reserve and the 2020 Initiatives Date and Time: Tuesday, April […]

Spring 2019 Update

TRAVEL LOG Travel and growth are the keywords this season for Amherst Financial Training. AFT programs have spread throughout the country and abroad in 2018 with successful results. Some of the places on the US map have been: Los Angeles, Chicago, Manhattan, Buffalo, DC, San Francisco, Denver and Huntington Beach. AFT crossed the grid into […]

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August 2018 Monthly Update from Amherst Financial Training

August sums up a landmark season for Amherst Financial Training After assisting in the training of over 1000 new hires, these trainees dispersed to their respective segments of the financial industry: Wall Street, Assets Management and various Financial Intermediaries. This, combined with Analysts and Associates Training, working on a new book with a California publisher, […]