Bill Addiss Federal Reserve lecture 2016

2016 New Year Update from Bill Addiss

“The Fed” Did NOT Raise Rates! The Fed did NOT raise interest rates! Contrary to reports by the business and mainstream media, the Fed did not raise interest rates, but rather the FOMC raised the Federal Funds rate. To understand the mechanics by which our central bank and this committee operate, and its impact to […]

AFT Joins 21st Century

FLASH: Bill Addiss/Amherst Financial Training (AFT) Has Joined The 21st Century! Amherst Financial Training/Bill Addiss (AFT) is now multi-media. This year has seen tremendous growth in AFT as a training firm. Built on traditional “chalk and talk” training programs, theĀ  business has now gone multi-media. With the publication of a great series of books by […]